I am Vivek Maswadkar from Wakad (Ta: Risod Dist: Washim). I just wanted to have computer/internet awareness in all the people from society to which I belong. I have lot of things which I need to return back to the society.
One of the most important thing that I will try to give is Computer Education. 
Internet is one of the most beautiful thing that has happened in the recent past. Internet can bring the world to your home. And I am going to show you how. Internet is show vast that you cannot read all the pages in your life time. 
Most of the times it happen that you cannot find what you are looking for. And I am going to help you in this. 

First of all, I want to show you the thing i like most about internet..... MAP

Please see below the birds eye view of my village (WAKAD). Though this photo is old one but you can see it how nice and green our village. is. 

Below are some of the reference links that are most of the times used. 

This is the site which will give you knowledge of the whole world. This site contains more than 3,200,000 pages. And each page contains almost all the knowledge on the particular topic. This knowledge is contributed like people you and me. This is worlds FREE library. e.g. I want to know about Lonar Sarovar.... Just type in the seach box. and see the magic. If you think you can add more... feel free to do so... 
there is also marathi version of this site.... 
marathi wikipedia

Search Engines

Another most used site on the internet is 
This is the search engine that is used by almost 60 to 70% of the internet users.  By search engine I mean, this site will give you all the possible web pages that contains the information about search parameters. 
e,g.  go to this site and type in 'Vivek Maswadkar' and click on Google Search button. All the information about Vivek Maswadkar that is available on the internet will be displayed below. 

Other search engines are 

Online shopping sites. 

One reason most people come to internet is to get the information. That information can be anything ranging from friends phone number till symptoms of cancer. 
Another group of users that visit internet is for online shopping. You can buy anything in this world through internet. You just need 3 things... Computer, Internet connection and.... Credit Card. 
below are some of the most important online shopping sites. 

Social Networking. 

Internet is one place where the distance doesn't really matter. You can send the mail or massage to any one... i mean any one at just blink of an eye.... Be him to be your neighbor or a person sitting in USA.
Some of the well known sites are....